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My offers didn't confirm - why?

My offers didn't confirm - why?

Sometimes you may find that an offer remains pending for a long time, or doesn't confirm altogether. We assure you that whenever a company reports to us that you've completed an offer, we credit your account. However, there may be circumstances when neither you nor CashCrate receive credit for an offer you feel you completed. Here are a few reasons why this may happen:

You've signed up for the offer before

If you complete an offer on your own, and then complete it again on our site, it's likely that we won't be credited for your completion. Companies typically aren't interested in paying to have the same user do their offer twice.

You didn't meet the offer requirements

Sometimes an offer will have certain requirements (such as age and country) that you must meet in order to receive credit. It's good practice to read each companies Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before you register, so you're informed about the offer and its requirements.

You used a gift card for payment

If the advertiser requires payment for a trial of some variety, they may not allow payment in the form of a gift card in order to protect themselves against bad sign-ups.

Your registration contained false or misleading information

If a company determines that you signed-up using fake information, you will not be credited. Please note that this is against our Terms of Service as well and will result in the termination of your account.

You didn't complete the offer completely

If you do not complete the entire offer, you will not receive credit. Please be aware that many companies require you to confirm your email as a final step.

If you feel none of these explain your situation, please contact support. While we cannot credit you if we don't receive credit, we do keep a close watch on our offers to make sure offers that aren't confirming for anyone are removed promptly.