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Remember Veterans Day

Veterans Day is Sunday, November 11th, 2018 and will be observed as a Federal Holiday on Monday, November 12th. Many government offices, as well as the post office, banks, and schools are closed in observance.

Veterans Day is more than a day off and a day to find things closed. It is a day to honor and remember our veterans for everything they do. Those who serve in the armed forces make many sacrifices for our country including combat and extended times away from family. Members of our Navy may spend months out at sea.


Those actively serving in the Army, Marines, and Air Force might be stationed overseas or completing long tours of duty. Even those stationed state side may be reassigned to a different base. Military life can mean moving and times of separation from loved ones.

To show appreciation, parades, ceremonies, and other celebrations take place across the United States. You can check for local events happening in your area by looking online, at local newspapers, and watching your local news on television.

From all of us at CashCrate, we wish you a wonderful Veterans Day.

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