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Laura Completes Surveys, Makes Money, and Wins Prizes!

Laura, from New Jersey, has completed surveys at CashCrate for over 7 years. She’s completed a lot of them and made a lot of money! Today, Laura wrote to me on the forum, to share the luck she’s been having too:

I took surveys and evaluated products such as cereal, granola bars, socks, stockings and what not. I completed the survey, got credit for doing the survey, got cool products to test, and besides that won incentives such as gift cards all in all in about a week to a week and a half.


I have won visa gift cards and they are truly legitimate, subway gift cards, amazon gift cards. All in all I have tested products and won $100 in gift cards. It’s so welcomed especially with the holidays around the corner.

When you take surveys, some may enter you into a drawing for gift cards and other prizes. These drawings and prizes are sponsored by the survey providers and come from outside of CashCrate. The more surveys you take, the more you earn at CashCrate and the better chance you have of winning something too.

Complete surveys at CashCrate and get paid. In addition, you may get some products to test and you may end up getting something more. Congrats Laura. We’re glad the prizes you won and the money you’ve earned at CashCrate will help with the upcoming holidays.

Laura also added, “especially with Halloween, it’s not a trick but rather a treat lol."