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Ankita Makes Money Taking Surveys! You can Make Money too!

Ankita makes money taking surveys.  Would you like to earn money that way too?

I am Ankita from Los Angeles. I joined CashCrate in July 2016. I had never done surveys before so I wasn't sure that I would actually get paid for completing surveys and offers. Still I thought of giving it a try. I was elated when I got my first check of $144 for the first month. Then I starting doing more surveys and also started taking part in the monthly contests in which I used to finish in between 1st and 3rd rank and would earn extra $30-$40 . Apart from checks I also got a lot of home testing products and other gift cards from various surveys on CashCrate.


Now I am an Elite Member and have earned more than $7000 in 2years now (I didn't do surveys for around 7-8 months in between when I was traveling) and I get a check each week. The referral program is also very good if you have a lot of referrals but 90% of my earnings comes from surveys. Last year I finished second in the Holiday Contest & won an Amazon gift card and I used it to buy an iPad for my husband. One can easily earn $400-$500 each month from CashCrate.

CashCrate has helped me a lot. I have used the money to mostly buy photography equipment, pay bills and also donate to various charities etc. The staff here is very helpful & supportive and answer all my queries. Love being a part of CashCrate. Would definitely recommend it.


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