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CashCrate Blog

New Feature: The Contest Leaderboard

Let us introduce you to a great new feature. The Contest Leaderboard, linked here, is our new automatic way of keeping members up-to-date regarding current contests. It's available in the Members Area under "Contests" and will tell you all the juicy details on what you need to do to get your hands on some of the cash and prizes we're giving away.

You'll also be able to tell how you rank compared to other users, so you can tell how much extra work is needed to win. Cash prizes are automatically credited to the winning accounts at the end of the contest, and prizes are shipped soon after.

So, head over to the Leaderboard and see what we've got going on for March!

Introducing the CashCrate Blog

We decided we were due for a central place where we could keep our members up to speed on what's happening at CashCrate. Watch this blog for information regarding new offers, monthly contests, site updates, and much more.